Our History VS Our Team

Before COVID, Gina was working on building the task force with local leaders both prior and after her bi-partisan campaign for Mayor of Meridian, ID.


Following COVID, Gina attracted a competing Candidate Anne Little Roberts, and secured a local developer that wishes to stay Anonymous at this time. Gina knew that bipartisanship was important, so with Gina registered as a Democrat, and Anne a Republican, she hoped that leaders would sense unity with this task force.


The Developer has secured property for us to use, while Anne acts as a part time volunteer consultant from time to time. Gina has reached out to Nonprofit Leaders for verbal interest and is now enlisting those she reached out to, and any interested parties who could help.

Gina Winter 2018 portrait 1.png

Gina Johnson

Chair/ TF Founder


Anne Little Roberts

TF Consultant/

Former Politician


NDA- Can't Announce Yet

Local Developer


Non-Profit Leaders


Which days are you available?

Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.